One Stiletto, Two Stiletto, Three Stiletto, Floor!

High Heel Hangover

I always use the expression, “Beauty is pain”!  Never has this rang more true than waking up after a night in my amazing new stilettos.  Stepping out of bed I could barely walk on the balls of my feet, which were on fire.  On the way to the kitchen, I found myself waddling on my heels like a creepy penguin in one of those Batman movies.  That’s when I realized a High Heel Hangover had set in!!  So what’s a girl to do?

Bend and Snap

Stretching your tootsies will get your blood flow circulating and will release the tension cause by hours in your show stoppers.

Replenish and Restore

Step into a warm mineral bath with Epson salt.  Just like a athlete restores sore muscles, Epsom salt will build and replenish the tissues in your tootsies getting   you  back in the game in no time!  Complete your soak with a extra moisturizing foot cream.

Rest and Relax

If your dogs are barking give them a break!  Do a sneaker weekend instead.

Fashion Billie

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