Glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

Dec 13, 2008  IMO, the glock 23 is under sprung with the factory recoil spring. The Glock 23 shares the same factory recoil spring as the glock19 which is a 9mm gun. Basically, Glock made the Glock 23 from a 9mm gun's frame, just

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Jun 27, 2013 So, if the difference between a comp spring and a carry spring was 1. 5lbs. and I got a good trigger with that combination, would. 5lbs or 13 of the difference between go and no go, make a difference. Aug 02, 2013 Some Glock aficionados think the trick setup is the 3.

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5pound connector with the New York Trigger (NY1) module replacing the standard Sshaped trigger spring. This gives a firm resistance from the beginning of the pull. Feb 08, 2011 Purpose of heavier spring in Glock 20? along with other customisations (trigger, springs, and, a must have Edited by NorthwolfeCND, May.

glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

27 2012 10: 23 AM. Dec 08, 2011 My buddy has a Glock 27 Gen3 with a 5.

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5 trigger and I shoot that a lot better than my Glock 23 which has a mass trigger trigger weight for their guns. It Glock 31 Newton Firing Pin Spring (Blue) Item: SP In Stock Manufacturer: Glock Inc. 12. 95 Glock factory extra power 31 newton (7 pounds force) blue firing pin spring.

glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

Extra power spring for special ammunition with extremely hard primers. This is a Glock brand factory part. GLOCK FIRING PIN SAFETY WSPRING Fits all Glock Glock Trigger Serrated GEN3 M19, 23, 26 Lone Wolf Distributors Inc. offers products by more Glock pistols Gen3 VS Gen4.

Glock Triggers - Kineti-Tech

With the new Dual Recoil Spring assembly, Glock managed to solve, it would lose all sales in those States overnight. When you pull the trigger on a Glock or you lose the effect of taking up the slack until Shooting Tip: The FREE Glock Dry Fire Kit packaged with a 3.

5 lbs connector and 6 lbs spring The completed kit took a true factory Glock trigger and it Ive got this trigger in my Glock 23. Rock Your Glock has all different weights of trigger springs for your Glock pistol.

Whether you want heavier or lighter we have something for your Glock.

Consider, that: Glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

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HYPER HEXAGONEST TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT Dave Sevigny Interview: FAQ. few different types of. 40 auto pistols before sticking with a Glock 23. Trigger pull weight 44. 5 lbs. Glock 35 USPSA Limited

Rock Your Glock has a huge selection of custom Glock parts and aparrel for all of your custom Glock needs. We are one of the biggest suppliers of Glock parts.

glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

Click here to get the 6lb trigger spring from Wollf Springs to reduce the trigger pull weight in your Glock pistol. Aug 02, 2013 Measured at the toe of the trigger, the nominal 3. 5pound connector with standard trigger spring actually weighed three pounds, 3.

7 ounces. Measured at the center of the trigger, however, it tripped at five pounds, 1. 3 ounces.

glock 23 trigger spring weight loss

Nov 24, 2013 Use of a NY trigger spring does not help the shooter pull the trigger, which does cause the trigger reset to be more powerful as the firing pin spring is using it full strength to pull the trigger forward.

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