Boho Vibes: One Dress Two Ways


Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s whatever the beans you want it to be!! Ever find yourself rummaging through your closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear”? I do all of the time and that’s when I get creative.

For today’s bohemian vibe I turned one of my favorite silk dresses by Sofia Collection into a flowy boho blouse. To get the look, I belted the dress at the waist, then pulled the material over the belt, from the top, to add a bloused feel. Try to remember when you would tuck in your t-shirt in as a kid. Remember how you would pull out the perfect amount to get the right tuck? Do that:)

Sofia Collection Boho

To pull it all together I added my favorite, homemade, cut-offs, oh so perfect gladiator sandals and boho bling from Lauren Craft Collection.





White Silk Dress, Sofia Collection- Click Here

Jewelry, Lauren Craft Collection- Click Here

Gladiator Sandals, Penny Loves Kenny

Style Alert: Flat Sexy Summer Boots

High Heels are a staple in most women’s outfits.  I look at my high heels as Samson looked at his hair (the bible story you learn as a child).  They give me strength and make me feel fierce and unstoppable.

We wear high heels for work, a night out on the town, and let’s face it ladies—that little kitten heel on your most “casual” pair of sandals is still a heel.  Just like Samson’s hair, those killer heels can be the downfall of a great outfit if you are uncomfortable.  So for a night out on the town, I gave my feet a rest by pairing my sexy sequin dress with a pair of flat boots.  This look can easily be created by wearing a very dressy outfit with your flats.  By overdressing for a occasion, it gives room for your flats to balance the look to perfection.

STYLE STEAL: Give new life to an old pair of boots. Last winter’s over-the-knee boots become a summer fringe fashion must in two easy steps:

Start with a pair of suede boots.

  1. Fold them over to just below the knee.
  2. Cut slits up the section you just folded beginning behind the knee about .5-1 inch each.  I just eyeballed it and it worked great.

You have amazing summer festival/boho boots!  If you would like more great ways to wear this STYLE STEAL subscribe to my page!