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One thing I am learning very fast is… when it’s cold, you get creative. My original outfit today featured my fave Donna Karan metallic oxfords. They are so very comfortable, as all oxfords should be. However, as the snow began to fall I realized bare ankles were a bad idea.

For todays Central Park exploring outfit, I traded in my oxfords for my combat boots and doubled up my over the knee socks for a nice leg warmer. I dressed up my ROAR Chaser Brand T-shirt and wool J.Crew cap with an unexpected tuxedo blazer.
After the photos I quickly found my parka and ran to the nearest thawing area. He, he:)


Central Park


FashionBillie Bit: Back in the day (a.k.a 17th century), men’s shoes were cut smaller than their feet to match the fashion of the time…. wait for it… wait for it… To have the appearence of smaller feet!!! No lie! So as you can imagine men’s shoes were not comfortable until the ol’ oxford came along! The oxford was one of the first comfortable men’s laced shoes.

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Style Alert: San Francisco Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

I left my heart in San Francisco but brought some amazing looks home with me!  From the tailored suits in the financial district to the combat boots on market street the local style left visions of fashion dancing in my head.  I brought a few looks home to share with you! 

While combat boots may be unrealistic for a 90 degree summer they are most definitely on my fall list of must haves.  Combat boots and thigh high socks not your style?  Try a pair with some skinny jeans, shorts or take it back to the ‘90s and wear them with a dress and call yourself Blossom. Whoa!

Would you rock a pair of combat boots?

Combat Boots: Madden Girl