Free Press Summer Fest Festival Fashion

Ready or not, here it comes, you can’t hide…Free Press Summer Fest is gonna find you, and make you rock out!  Most people I’ve talked to myself included are buzzing about Miss Lauryn Hill.  As a homage to the turban wearing song bird I made a colorful scarf head wrap to give a little color to today’s black and white look.

Black and white is one of the hot trends of summer 2014 but it never hurts to add a little P.O.C.  I know not everyone has a turban laying around so I found a really easy tutorial for you.  It’s how I made mine today:) To give my feminine white cotton dress a bit of a rock n roll edge I added a black fringe boot . I think the boots give the outfit a bit of a Kate Moss boho/rocker vibe. To complete my festival look I layered on the metal accessories!

Festival 3

Festival 2

Festival 1

FashionBillie Bit: Fashion is about getting creative.  This is not the time of year to find suede fringe boots so I made my own!  These are actually a old pair of over the knee boots that I cuffed at the knee and cut fringe onto.  Voilà!

White Cotton Dress, Mink Pink- Carrie Ann Boutique (In Store Only) Click Here

Orange Silk Scarf, Sarah Stewart- Carrie Ann Boutique (In Store Only) Click Here

How to Tie a Turban or Headscarf, Click Here

Festival Fashion

Festival Style 3

Free Press Summer Fest is upon us!  While I am a music baby it’s the fashion that really excites me.  This week I’ll have some fierce festival fashion for you.  

Festival Style 5

Festival Style 2

Festival Style 4

I would never wear a high heel to the actual festival however, half of the festival fun are the great parties!!  These knee high gladiators are all the rage this summer and nothing is more festival chic.  I paired my Penny Loves Kenny gladiators with this Gypsy 05 high low tie-dye dress from Carrie Ann Boutique.  The dress is the perfect length for lounging on the lawn or dancing the night away. It is also a very thin stretch cotton to keep you cool on those warm summer nights.  The festival vibe is all about accessories, accessories, accessories!  To complete the look I added this great headpiece and ring-bracelet by Gypsy Britt.

Style Steal: Gladiator Sandals, Penny Loves Kenny- Click Here

Tie-dye Dress, Gypsy 05- Carrie Ann Boutique Click Here (In Store)

Head Piece and Jewelry, Gypsy Britt- Click Here

How To: DIY Cutoff Shorts

Festival season is upon us!  Crop your tops and shred your denim.  Festival Fashion is here!!

Free Press Summer Fest 2013 hit Houston last weekend.  I was in a mad dash to find some retro denim cut offs to complete my boho outfit.  Then I realized there is no need to rush out and buy a overpriced pair of cut off shorts.  I grabbed my favorite pair of old (high-waisted), worn jeans and made my own.  You can too!

Tip:  Find a pair that have frayed at the bottom or around the pockets.  This is a sign that they will give you the best frayed look when you cut them.

Before you go getting scissor happy here are a few rules to follow.

  1. Try your pants on.
  2. Measure and mark about one inch longer than you “think” you want your shorts.
  3. Start at the seam where your outer thigh would hit and cut diagonally down towards the inner thigh area. I like to then cut the front part of the short about a half inch higher than the back.  This is optional but avoids the mom jean look.
  4. Try them on again.
  5. When you have the desired length.  Cut tiny, tiny snips along the bottom of the shorts.  This will help with the fraying.
  6. Wash + Dry as many times as you want until you get the maximum fringe effect!

Free Press SUmmer Fest Outfit

Boho Leather Cross Body and arm band.


Don’t forget your head piece and matching sunnies!

Free Press SUmmer Fest head pice

Not feeling so thrifty?

Urban Renewal Wrangler, Urban Outfitters- Click Here

Romana Fest Sandal, Free People- Click Here