How To: Wear Your Hermès Scarf


An excited client recently reached out to me with a very common dilemma. She had been gifted a beautiful Hermès scarf but had no idea how to wear it. The scarf conundrum is one many face. How does one wear this beautiful accessory without looking like their grandmother?

1. Bag It
Wrap the scarf around the handles of your favorite purse or tie at the base of the handles for added flair. Click Here

2. Mix It: High-Low
Wear your scarf (high) with a casual white t-shirt and distressed jeans (low). Click Here

3. Sport It
Accessorize a sporty outfit with a delicate scarf to give a youthful feel. (See above)

4. Knot it
A trendy necklace is only a few knots away. Click Here

5. Wear It
If your scarf is large enough you can wear it as a top or dress itself! Click Here

Dress, Flora + Mia- Click Here

Hermès how to: wear a scarf

Hermes collier

A lovely little bird recently graced me with the gift of a beautiful Hermès scarf, in their signature orange hue.   As I admired the gorgeous silk scarf, I thought to myself …..”what the heck am I going to do with this”?  The Hermès scarf has been a statement making accessory throughout the years with icons like Grace, Audrey, Jackie and even the Queen herself.  Let’s face it, I’m no Grace! It was my task to make it modern and me!  Today I wanted to add a bit of color to my outfit of nudes and I was also in a hurry, so 1,2,3…  I tied my scarf into a triple knot collier.

The Hermès site itself has a lot of really cool ideas. You can download the “Silk Knots”app and get creative from head to toe.

hermes 4

hermes scarf 3

hermes watch

FashionBillie Bit: Hermès taste on a Target budget?  Shhhh… I won’t tell!  Pick any scarf and get creative with colors.  I bet your friends aren’t doing it yet!

Orange Silk Vintage Scarf, Hermès- Click Here

Celebutante Bracelet, Ettika- Click Here