In 2014 sneakers paired with dresses were all the rage. The trend was not so present this year on the runways but hot, hot, hot in streetwear. Today I show you how you can rock the streetwear trend too!!





For my look today I paired an ultra femme Tibi dress with my Converse Chuck T’s. These Chuck Taylors are high-top but I folded them down to get some ankle action. While pairing high-tops with a longer skirt may look cool proportionately, I don’t think it’s the most flattering for first timers. I’d go with a lower rise like I did today with my Converse. I also chose to stick with a monochromatic look, black dress, black kicks. This gives a more streamlined look instead of, “Hey I’m here, and so are my white sneakers”!! For the finishing touch I added some power girl bling.
Now rest those tootsies and step out in street style sneaker fashion!

Simone Silk Pleated Midi Dress, Tibi- Azuz Boutique (In Store)

Ring Bling, Lauren Craft Collection- Click Here

WHOO…Owls In Dumbo, Brooklyn

My snow day searching for the Dumbo Owls was quite an adventure!!  We went over the river and through the woods, to find the amazing street artist Craig Anthony Miller’s Owl mural in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  It was a blizzard outside which made it all the more exciting. There is something so exhilarating about the chilling wind on your skin, silence in the streets, the newness of it all.

Out of nowhere a white field covered in snow appears, shining brightly across the street we see the owls…

FashionBillie Dumbo Owls

Dumbo Owls 3

Dumbo Owls 2

Camel, Cream and White all over:)  The simplicity of these three pieces make them fit together effortlessly.  It also makes todays look very easy for you to recreate with pieces you already have in your closet.  Make sure to add your own flare with a statement shoe.

FashionBillie NYC 2015 1

FashionBillie NYC 2015 2

Leopard HighTops

FashionBillie Bit:  Cheetah vs. Leopard… Cheetah print is a solid black print. Leopard is the partially closed black print with brown spot in the center. I’m a leopard girl myself.

Dumbo Owls

Thank You, Tami Eiserer

Mirror, Mirror

A few weeks ago I did a post on the transparency trend.  Remember that white, striped Yoana Baraschi dress?  Well that was just the teaser…

Mirror, Mirror on The Live Well Network, recently featured yours truly! On this segment I go into more detail on the many ways you can wear the transparency trend.

mirror mirror transparency

Mirror, Mirror LiveWell Network- Click Here

Looking to WOW at your next event or just a wardrobe re-do?  Email me and set up a personal consult.

How to: Look Good Sitting Down

Have you ever left your house thinking hummm… Can I sit comfortably in this dress?  Well you are not alone!

The TV show Mirror, Mirror grabbed Houston’s most fashionable bloggers and stylists, including yours truly, to address this sit down dilemma.

So how do you look good sitting down?


Mirror, Mirror, LiveWell Network- Click Here

How to Mix Textures

Mixing textures is all the rage right now! Think denim and silk or leather and lace.

With the right combo you can add versatility to that ho, hum closet and accentuate those assets.

The trick is to start with mixing only two textures. Wear your thicker texture in the area you would like to accentuate and your lighter texture in the area you would like to minimize. Trick-o-the-Eye.

The same theory applies If we are talking patterns. Wear your larger print in the where you want to highlight and use your smaller print to camouflage those trouble areas.

Just a girl playing in the country:)



I was feeling a bit CoCo Chanel!


Then I realized where I was. :)


I love my Tory’s!!



Shocking! How to get luscious lashes

Throw your falsies away ladies!  Long gone are the days of heavy caterpillar looking eyelashes.  I have not only found two amazing mascaras but also a clever little trick to create depth defying length and lusciousness to your natural lashes!

The trick is starting at the base of your lash and running the brush back and forth in the opposite direction that they naturally lay.  Then continue throughout the rest of the lash in a even manner.  Hold your last few strokes at the outer tip of your lash applying pressure back towards the face to lock in the curl.  Vuala Bambi Lashes!

The new YSL ‘Shocking’ Mascara is one of my favorites!  It has a appealing scent oddly enough and locks in your lashes all day.  It is a bit thick so I always evenly wipe off access back into the tube.

Want to look glam but keep your doe-ray-me in your pocket?  Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara is only $6.99 at most stores!

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