Golden Globes Re-Gram

The 2014 Golden Globes were everything I could dream a awards show to be.  I turned to instagram to see what you all thought as well.  Here are my instagram re-gram pics!

Globes Nyong'o

Globes Witherspoon

Globes Robbie

Globes wild

Globes McConaughey

The starlets showed up in their A game.  Lupita Nyong’o saved the Globes from their usual ho hum in this red caped gown.  Greens stole the show for me.  From this form fitting number on Reese, to the emerald detailing found on Wolf of Wall Street beauty, Margot Robbie dress.  Did I mention Olivia Wild?!?  Pregnancy and this gleaming green gown suit her very well!

Let’s hear it for the boys!  The gents gave us a glimpse into old  Hollywood.  Their exquisitely fitted suits would have made ol Frank proud.  There is something about a man in the perfectly tailored suit!  Can we say Matthew McConaughey in Dolce & Gabana?

The winner goes to…. Kate Blachett

Globes Blanchett

The back on this dress is to DIE for!  Perfectly covering the shoulders as it plunges downward, gracefully highlighting the lower back.

What were your favorite looks of the night?

Scary Pretty

Vampire Makeup

Instagram shazam!  Today I thought I would pull out a pic from Halloween instagram past.

This vampire look is my favorite Halloween costume to date.  It was also the easiest!  STYLE STEAL: The only thing I purchased for this costume were $25 moldable canine vampire fangs.  For my outfit I grabbed black tights, tall boots and a flowy, angelic, sheer cream top.  I then accessorized with some bling.  The makeup is what is key!

1. Apply a very light foundation and powder all over your face.

2. Use a plum/light purple shadow to contour your cheekbones, under eyes, nose and temples.

3. Create a heavy smoky eye with black and deep plum shadows.

4. Line lips with black liner then fill in with deep red.  It creates the ombre look.

5. Dab two bite marks on your neck.

Voila, Scary Pretty!

Moldable Vampire Fangs, Dracula Fangs- Click Here