Rocks Box

“I HAVE ENOUGH JEWELRY.”  -Said no one ever

Rocks Box

I couldn’t agree more!  Rocks Box is the perfect way to keep your jewelry game fresh.  It’s a bit like Rent The Runway but for bling.  Each month you receive a personalized box filled with great new pieces on loan.  Wear them as much as you want, mix it, match it or swap them for new sets at any time.  Find a piece you love, buy it for a fraction of the retail cost.  

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For my denim on denim look today, I styled a rugged vintage wrangler pearl snap with dainty ear climbers and a 2 in 1 bar necklace.  I think these Gorjana ear climbers are going to stay with me!

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How to: Layer With Style

How To Layer

Spring layering is not something I am accustomed to, being a Texas girl. It’s usually so hot in Houston, even thinking of layering is laughable. Also, for a girl I always felt layering adds layers, which adds size, which no girl wants. Being here in New York I’ve had more of an opportunity to experiment with layering and have found if done the right way, it can add a whole other fashionable “layer” to your style.

How to Layer

Floppy Fedora




The key is to start with a great base. The lightweight undershirt in my look today adds dimension with it’s high-low cut, without adding bulk. I then layered with a robins egg blue cropped sweatshirt, white skinny jean and accessorized with a floppy fedora.
I’ve picked some great base tops below that will have you layering in no time!

Floppy Brim Fedora, Forever 21- Click Here / White Skinnies by 7 For All Mankind, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF Fifth- Click Here / Jewelry, Lauren Craft Collection- Click Here

Boho Vibes: One Dress Two Ways


Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s whatever the beans you want it to be!! Ever find yourself rummaging through your closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear”? I do all of the time and that’s when I get creative.

For today’s bohemian vibe I turned one of my favorite silk dresses by Sofia Collection into a flowy boho blouse. To get the look, I belted the dress at the waist, then pulled the material over the belt, from the top, to add a bloused feel. Try to remember when you would tuck in your t-shirt in as a kid. Remember how you would pull out the perfect amount to get the right tuck? Do that:)

Sofia Collection Boho

To pull it all together I added my favorite, homemade, cut-offs, oh so perfect gladiator sandals and boho bling from Lauren Craft Collection.





White Silk Dress, Sofia Collection- Click Here

Jewelry, Lauren Craft Collection- Click Here

Gladiator Sandals, Penny Loves Kenny

All The Wire

All the Wire Youre my person

This weekend I had the great advantage of meeting Miss Tori and Desiree, creators of All The Wire jewelry.  These sisters are fashionably creative in their own right. However, you might recognize Tori Gonzales as bestie to Courtney Kerr (Fashion Blogger and  Realty Star-Courtney Loves Dallas on BravoTV).  These girls jewelry line is fresh and the story behind it literally brought me to tears.  No Joke, total sap!!

All The Wire

Have you ever asked someone how much they love you?  Maybe you get a, “To the moon and back” or “Arms stretched wide… Thisssss Much! ”.  Well when Desiree asked her soon to be husband this question, his response of “a lot”, simply wouldn’t do.  After a bit of thinking he pointed at the telephone wires that ran along the road for as far as the eye could see and said “All The Wire”.  Above ground and below.  He loved her more than All The Wire.  I DIE!!!  I’m also probably telling this story totally wrong.   For the full story- Click Here 

Basically this line allows you to recognize whomever you love more than “All The Wire”.   It may be your mom, sister, boyfriend or bestie but you have to check it out today!

All The Wire States

All The Wire Ring Initial Party

All the Wire- Click Here

Juicy In The Sky

Juicy In The Sky

From the deepest, darkest part of my closet, my leopard print scarf called to me this morning.  Fall was in the air but here in Houston so were 85 degree temperatures.  Bansri scarf necklace to the rescue!  I found this great piece on Haute Look. They usually have a jewelry sale each month where you can get quality, unique jewelry at half the cost.

Why is my drink wearing Bansri you ask?  Well this little veggie filled pick me up is from a local juice bar called Juicy In The Sky.  Beetles flash back “Juicy In The Sky WIth Diamonds…or Bansri” :)

Esmeralda, Juicy In The Sky- Click Here  / Haute Look- Click Here

Bracelet Ring

Orange you glad it’s Thursday?


I am obsessed with my new find!

Harem Ring, Handflower, Slave Bracelet or bracelet ring thingy are a few names for the ring bracelet fashion trend.  Harem rings tend to have 3-5 rings attached to the bracelet.  Handflowers have one ring and are a larger V shape decorating the top of the hand.  The term slave bracelet just takes the beauty out of this great piece for me so I stick with ‘bracelet ring’.  Sometimes bracelet ring thingy:)

These rings attached to bracelets have adorned women across the globe for ages.  This little gem is one of my favorite summer fashion comebacks!

It’s dainty enough to wear to the office.  You can also jazz it up with some bangles for a bolder look.