How to: Transparency Trend

White on stripes on stripes!

The transparency trend is all the rage right now.  Before you go strutting out of the house baring your skivvies keep a few things in mind.

Less is more!  This trend is all about suggestion.  Now you see it, oh wait, no you don’t.

It is also very feminine.  Soft, frilly, sheer fabrics and paneling keep the eye entertained for sure!  Think a transparent printed blouse with a pretty lace bra.  Maybe a skirt with sheer paneling.

This white sequined dress by Yoana Baraschi is a more conservative way to rock the transparency trend.  I love the sheer detailing throughout. There is a hint of skin at the neckline and hemline of the skirt.

Transparency Trend 3

I couldn’t wait to wear these Mod white sunnies I found at a local boutique. At $35 they were a total STYLE STEAL!   They look very Tom Ford Carrie or Lanvin Opaline to me.  Minus the $450 price tag!!  What do you think?

Transparency Trend 1

I polished off this look with my white Diane Von Furstenberg sandals.

This is as close as you will get to a white out in Houston!

Transparency Trend 2

Transparency Trend 4

Womens Mad Sequin White Dress, Yoana Baraschi- Carrie Ann Boutique, In Store

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