Sunday Style Steal

Mink Pink Boyfriend T

Rocking my Sunday Style Swag with a bit of alliteration and a Style Steal for you!! A unusually cool Autumn breeze was in the air this morning so I grabbed my favorite denim jacket to pair with my homemade cutoffs and Mink Pink boyfriend t-shirt. I decided to break up the double dose of denim with these great leopard print calf hair high tops and headed off to brunch.

Mink Pink Boyfriend T 2

Enzo Angiolini Leopard High Top

STYLE STEAL: Enzo Angiolini, Leopard print calf hair high tops regularly $110 now for only $55!!

Leopard Print Calf Hair High Top, Enzo Angiolini- Click Here

Boyfriend T-Shirt, Mink Pink- Carrie Ann Boutique (In Store) Click Here

I’m Baaack

Big Play Scoring

Happy Friday! Over the past month I have been a busy little styling bee. Bzzzz… With all the great new styling opportunities unfortunately my blog posts, or lack thereof have suffered the consequences. Just in time for fashion week and the first week of football season I’m baaack!! First and foremost, I reveal my very first commercial styling job and it’s a national commercial at that!! Woo hoo:) It was a lot of work and about half of the scenes and outfits didn’t even make the official commercial but what a experience.

One Stiletto, Two Stiletto, Three Stiletto, Floor!

High Heel Hangover

I always use the expression, “Beauty is pain”!  Never has this rang more true than waking up after a night in my amazing new stilettos.  Stepping out of bed I could barely walk on the balls of my feet, which were on fire.  On the way to the kitchen, I found myself waddling on my heels like a creepy penguin in one of those Batman movies.  That’s when I realized a High Heel Hangover had set in!!  So what’s a girl to do?

Bend and Snap

Stretching your tootsies will get your blood flow circulating and will release the tension cause by hours in your show stoppers.

Replenish and Restore

Step into a warm mineral bath with Epson salt.  Just like a athlete restores sore muscles, Epsom salt will build and replenish the tissues in your tootsies getting   you  back in the game in no time!  Complete your soak with a extra moisturizing foot cream.

Rest and Relax

If your dogs are barking give them a break!  Do a sneaker weekend instead.

The Perfect White Summer Bikini

White Bikini

The Fourth of July is right around the corner.  When I think of the Fourth of July a few things come to mind like…. family, BBQ, parades, magical displays of fireworks that light up the nights sky and the perfect white swimmie!

The perfect white swimsuit can be hard to find.  You don’t want something too see through, you don’t want it too skimpy and adjustable straps are always a bonus.  After weeks of looking, I found this Tori Praver bikini Réard himself would be proud of and it’s jussst right!

White Tori Praver Bikini


FashionBillie Bit: Louis Réard was a car engineer, turned father of the modern day bikini while running his mothers lingerie boutique in Paris:)

White Cabazon Bikini Top, Tori Praver at Shop Bop- Click Here

White Cabazon Bikini Bottom, Tori Praver at Shop Bop- Click Here

Baliloca: Must Have Summer Purse

Baliloca Cross Body Purse

Baliloca is my go to travel purse for summer!

I absolutely love the sleek leather design.  I like that it is truly a hands free purse and the shoulder straps are a real gem for overseas travel.  You can wear it over or under your outfit and all of your items are safe next to your side.  Plus, don’t you think it looks a little tomb raider?  Check out Baliloca and kick some travel a!$

Original Leather Cross, Baliloca- Click Here

Free Press Summer Fest Festival Fashion

Ready or not, here it comes, you can’t hide…Free Press Summer Fest is gonna find you, and make you rock out!  Most people I’ve talked to myself included are buzzing about Miss Lauryn Hill.  As a homage to the turban wearing song bird I made a colorful scarf head wrap to give a little color to today’s black and white look.

Black and white is one of the hot trends of summer 2014 but it never hurts to add a little P.O.C.  I know not everyone has a turban laying around so I found a really easy tutorial for you.  It’s how I made mine today:) To give my feminine white cotton dress a bit of a rock n roll edge I added a black fringe boot . I think the boots give the outfit a bit of a Kate Moss boho/rocker vibe. To complete my festival look I layered on the metal accessories!

Festival 3

Festival 2

Festival 1

FashionBillie Bit: Fashion is about getting creative.  This is not the time of year to find suede fringe boots so I made my own!  These are actually a old pair of over the knee boots that I cuffed at the knee and cut fringe onto.  Voilà!

White Cotton Dress, Mink Pink- Carrie Ann Boutique (In Store Only) Click Here

Orange Silk Scarf, Sarah Stewart- Carrie Ann Boutique (In Store Only) Click Here

How to Tie a Turban or Headscarf, Click Here

Hermès how to: wear a scarf

Hermes collier

A lovely little bird recently graced me with the gift of a beautiful Hermès scarf, in their signature orange hue.   As I admired the gorgeous silk scarf, I thought to myself …..”what the heck am I going to do with this”?  The Hermès scarf has been a statement making accessory throughout the years with icons like Grace, Audrey, Jackie and even the Queen herself.  Let’s face it, I’m no Grace! It was my task to make it modern and me!  Today I wanted to add a bit of color to my outfit of nudes and I was also in a hurry, so 1,2,3…  I tied my scarf into a triple knot collier.

The Hermès site itself has a lot of really cool ideas. You can download the “Silk Knots”app and get creative from head to toe.

hermes 4

hermes scarf 3

hermes watch

FashionBillie Bit: Hermès taste on a Target budget?  Shhhh… I won’t tell!  Pick any scarf and get creative with colors.  I bet your friends aren’t doing it yet!

Orange Silk Vintage Scarf, Hermès- Click Here

Celebutante Bracelet, Ettika- Click Here

Mirror/Mirror How To Wear Purple

Mirror MirrorHow to wear purple

For centuries, purple was reserved for royalty but this season purple reigns for all!  With over 1,000 shades to pick from it can get a bit confusing.  Today on Mirror/Mirror I show how to pick the perfect hue for you!

If you would like more help with rocking the purple trend make sure to leave a comment with your questions.

This great Trina Turk Jumpsuit can be found at Hemline- Click Here

Fashion Houston 2012

Fashion Houston 2012 is here!!!   For one week November 12th-15th the Wortham Center runway lights glow bright for Fashion Houston.

I understand NYC Fashion Week is fabulous but Houston Fashion week is the tops!  Not only do we have fierce fashion but we have the great hair and beauty queen makeup which is like icing on the fashion cake.

Looks from David Peck, Fotini, ‘Bogosse, Patrick & Fabrice Tardieu’ and the amazing Zac Posen will hit the runway tonight!  I’ll be there to get you the inside scoop.

Back to the icing on the fashion cake…

Here are some great David Peck looks you can get right now!!


This dress is perfect for a holiday party.  Purple is the color of the season and like all of David’s work so very flattering to the female figure.

Feel like a bit more sparkle?  This dress creates the illusion of sleek curves.

Move over Beyonce!

 Add this matching jacket for a bit of warmth or wear seperate with pants!

I’d pair this cute little romper with some black or polka-dot tights.

Dress it up with heels.  Dress it down with gray tights and brown riding boots.



Fashion Houston- Click Here / Jaimilyn Gown, David Peck- Click Here /

Alva Dress, David Peck- Click Here 

Shop the David Peck CROP Collection – Click Here