A PEACE of Sedona

I call this Gypsy 05 Maxi my, “Dress only Sedona could love”.

Sedona Gypsy 05

Rocks in the background, rocks on my wrist.

Sedona Peace Jewlery

Oh, and peace, always peace!

Sedona Jewlery 3

The maroon maxi is no longer available on the Gypsy 05 site but the sand color is another really cool option.  I found mine on Ideeli.  It was a total STYLE STEAL at only half the cost!!

Janie Maxi Dress, Gypsy 05- Click Here / Join Ideeli- Click Here /Peace Bracelet, brittlandreth@yahoo.com

Fashionably Fierce

A weekend in Sedona, Arizona is all a girl needs to clear her head and refresh her spirit!  In celebration of National Girlfriends Day my bestie and I took off for a weekend of restoration.

First on our agenda was a morning hike up to Devil’s Bridge.  So we tied up our tennies and headed out!  These Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ are the coolest.  They look gray with specks of color in direct sunlight.  In the shade they pop neon yellow.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

The beauty that surrounds you in Sedona is unbelievable.  The clouds were so big and fluffy they almost seemed close enough to touch!  The sun is very strong though so protection is key to a great hike.  Luckily my girl and local designer Chelsea Bevill of Bevill Supply geared me up. She designed this snow leopard snap back.

Snow Leopard Snap Back

The hike up to Devil’s Bridge is no light feat.

Devils Bridge

Wearing breathable, flexible fabric that ‘wicks’ (LuLu Lemon term) sweat will get you up the hill in the uttermost comfort.  This was my first time wearing Lulu Lemon.  I LOVED it!  It really does hug your body perfectly for motion but also gives optimal flattery of the derriere.  You will feel so great in LuLu Lemon you can lift rocks!

LuLu Lemon

 Fashionbillie Bit:  The Lulu Lemon Ignite Short runs very short.  Try the Capri for extra coverage.

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Snow Leopard Snap Back, BevillSupply@yahoo.com