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Luxe Link Macarons by Patisse

Happy St. Patty’s Day!  Are you wearing your green and looking for four leaf clovers?  Well I have a good luck charm for you!

There is a old superstition that says, “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door”.  It’s the belief that putting your purse, which holds your money, on the floor, is showing disrespect to your wealth.

I for one never leave my precious bag on the floor.  I mean that bag then goes into my hands, car, house ect. carrying all the little germies with it.  This presents the dilemma of, “if not the floor then where?”

Today I have a solution for you!  Luxe Links!!  These magnetic purse hangers are smaller than a Macaron by Patisse.  They easily hang on the side of your purse when not in use and with so many options to choose from you will find one you love.

Luxe Link Full

Luxe Link Clasp

Luxe Link- Click Here

St. Patty’s Day Fashion

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!  Can you tell I’m ready for the weekend?

Not sure if it’s the upcoming St. Patty’s Day holiday or this fierce Valentino Jumpsuit but I am seeing green.

Xiao Wen Ju was spotted at Paris Fashion Week in the amazing head to toe, Emerald Green, Lace Valentino jumpsuit.

Xio Wen Ju

Valentino taste on a FashionBillie budget?  These great alternatives below will have wearing green, not seeing it:)


Gypsy 05 Jumpsuit, The Trend Boutique -Click Here / Rachel Roy Jumpsuit, Nordstrom – Click Here / STYLE STEAL Mossimo Jumpsuit, Target -Click Here