Italian Summer, Part 2: Isola Di Capri


During late June and early July I embarked on a week and a half journey through Italy. Click here to read about the first part of my adventure in Forte Dei Marmi.  

The second half of my Italian summer was spent on the majestic Isola di Capri.  I arrived in Capri by hydrofoil (similar to a ferry) from Naples.  The ride is about 45 minutes of breathtaking views, like Mt. Vesuvius (Pompeii) which you pass along the way. The first site of Capri took my breath away!  This small island off the Amalfi Coast is sheer luxury surrounded by the bluest of sapphire waters where celebs and aristocracy alike flock to summer after summer.

Arriving in Capri’s Marina Grande, colorful little stores, restaurants and hotels stacked along the side of the island welcomed me.  Gleaming white mega yachts of the rich and famous were anchored all around like jewels adorning this beautiful island.  Narrow cobblestone streets lead to some of the most amazing Michelin Star restaurants, luxury shopping and of course, my hotel.  We quickly realized arriving with multiple bags in town and in wedges was a bad idea.  Simply getting to most hotels on the island is a good 5 minute walk down some pretty treacherous and narrow Italian alleyways, all of which added to this great adventure.  

To continue my adventure, in comfort this fashionistas first stop was at Antonio Viva.  Here custom made, blinged out, capri worthy flat sandals are made right in front of your eyes.  These beautiful handcrafted sandals would take me from the beach to fabulous dinners for the rest of my journey.  Heels are an absolute death wish on Capri.  Days here are filled with late lunches overlooking the beautiful waters, swimming in the crystal clear grottos and fabulous boat or shall I say yacht trips to private islands.  The days quickly turn into nights where the fashionable emerge to see and be seen as they dine and drink around the Piazzetta (City Center).  

Nights at around the Piazzetta felt like a dream.  To my left there would be a fashion editor and to my right a celebrity.  Capri is my most favorite place to date.  There is such an energy about it, the majestic blue water, the glamour of the people, this island is simply electric.  

I’ve listed below some recommendations for visiting Capri.  If you have any tips to share from your own Italian Summer, please share  in the comments below.   

Capri Italy Marina

Capri  Palmarola Island

Capri Italy

Antonio Viva Capri Sandals

Antonio Viva

Lido Di faro Capri Italy

Capri Dining


Capri Italy food



What to pack:  This luxurious island is the place to see and be seen.  Keep in mind the cobblestone streets and steep alleyways are not a place to wear your stilettos.  Fabulous designer dresses or my favorite rompers, daring swimwear with chic cover-ups and glitzy flat sandals are a must.  There is so much great shopping on the island you could always travel light, forget the packing and buy there.

Where to stay: If you are looking for LUX, The Capri Palace in Anacapri is a 5 star hotel a.k.a heaven.  This hotel has breathtaking views, their spa known as The Capri Beauty Farm has been awarded best medical spa in the world many times over.  After a day of pampering you can indulge in a two star Michelin dining experience on property at at Ristorante L’Olivo.

Where To Eat: Ristorante L’Olivo is a two Michelin Star dining experience at the top of the hill in Anacapri.  Obviously the seafood is amazing but my favorite is their fusilli pasta with lobster and sea urchins.  Aurora Restaurant and Pizzeria is one of the oldest restaurants in Capri and is a popular place for celebrities visiting the island because of its prestige as a “gastronomical museum”.  The food is amazing too!  Thier potato doughnuts are worth every delicious calorie.

What to see and do:  Lido del Faro is the perfect daytime activity.  You can swim in the beautiful Amalfi waters or enjoy their pool as you grab fresh bites at their cliff side restaurant. If you are looking for nature’s majesty at her best, rent a boat and take a day trip to the mostly uninhabited Palmarola Island.  I was mesmerized by its perfectly transparent water made of the richest shades of teal I have ever experienced.  You can spend the day exploring caves and grab lunch at the tiny beach side restaurant.  No shoes, no shirt, service.  

What I learned:  Capri is heaven and flats can be chic!


Italian Summer, Part 1: Forte Dei Marmi

Minerva Beach

During late June and early July I embarked on a week and a half journey through Italy.  My adventure began on the north west coast in the quiet beach town of Forte Dei Marmi.  Nestled between the tip of the Alps and Versilia coast, I can see why this little gem of a town is known as the Hamptons of Italy.  Luxury stores line the quaint streets where fashionable people shop, bike and dine on delicious fare.  Their golden tans and natural grooming seemed to make the simplest of outfits oh, so chic.

Firte Dei Marmi FAshion


Forte Dei Marmi Shopping



Aperol Spritz



Forte Dei Marmi

I’ve listed below some recommendations for visiting Forte Dei Marmi.  To get a great deal on flights with the lowest options available I used Booking Buddy!  Click Here to check them out for your next trip!

Forte Dei Marmi

What to pack:  This is a laid back seaside city where casual is cool.  Keep in mind this is a luxurious kind of casual.  Sun dresses, swim wear, casual beach attire, wedges and fashionable sneakers or booties with your dresses is a must.

Where to stay: On the higher end, The Grand Hotel Imperial is a 5 star, newly constructed luxury hotel with an amazing spa, pool for lounging, free bikes on property for exploring the city and impeccable service. For a budget friendly option there is the Hotel Goya, a 4 star hotel located in the city center.  This hotel is very clean with friendly service however there is no pool or spa.  It’s key to pay attention to the star ratings in Italy.  The hotels are all well kept and clean however bathroom/shower size and amenities vary grately.

Where To Eat: Bistrot is a beachside restaurant with a Michelin Star rating.  Obviously seafood is the number one thing to eat here.  The sashimi is a must but I have to say the steak here is one of the best I have ever tasted.  Coming from a Texas girl that is a bold statement!  For a quick bite in town try the ravioli branzino and an aperol spritz at La Milanese.

What to see and do:  Minerva Beach Resort is so relaxing and the views are to die for.  You can rent cabanas on the beach, with afternoon treats of cold fruit slices to cool you off.  Rent Bikes for the day to explore the town.  

What I learned:  Less is more sometimes when it comes to your beauty routine.  Being a Texas girl big hair and perfect makeup are taught at birth.  The simplicity of natural hair and makeup made the people in Forte Dei Marmi seem so chic.

After a few days relaxing in my little slice of heaven, it was time to head south, for some fun in Capri!  Check back soon for the second half of my Italian Summer with adventures in Capri…

The Summer Of A Lifetime


Hey there my beautiful birds!  I’m sorry you haven’t received any recent posts. I have been on a long needed sabbatical but I’m baaaaccckkk and want to catch you up on all the amazing things this summer had in store.  

First things first, A last minute opportunity, turned into the trip of a lifetime, and I found myself in Italy for two weeks.  I ate, drank and explored beginning at the northern coast and continued all the way down to Capri.  Ahh… Capri… This little island was simply magical.  I’ll share some of my pics and tips with you but you can also read more about my Italian adventures on the fashion site Trendabl.  




Capri 4

Yes, Trendabl!!  I’m now sharing fashion, beauty and travel tips, for this really cool fashion site, as a Trendabl Trendsetter.  I’m pretty excited about it!!  Diane Von Furstenberg, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicky Hilton are just a few of the fashion powerhouses behind this cool site and it’s also an app!!  


And last but certainly not least… When I’m not talking to the Trendies or traveling abroad I’ve been enjoying my summer beachside in the Hamptons.  Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on my fierce fashion and travels.    

East hampton

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach 2

Paint Box: The Perfect Manicure

Paint Box NYC I Need A Tan

I have found the best nail place and manicurist IN THE WORLD!!!! Paint Box caught my attention because of their really creative nail art. They have really trendy yet sophisticated options, no flowers and palm trees here. If you live in New York or are even here on vacation, you have to try them out.

Paint Box NYC

Paint Box NYC Gelish

My manicurist Elissa gave me the perfect Rhi, Rhi inspired pointy cat like claws. If you get your nails did on the reg, you feel my pain, as to how hard it is to get someone who can do this right. In fact, she shaped them so perfectly, I skipped the cracked gold overlay nail art and left them with the base coat only. Funny enough it’s called “I need a tan”, which I do.  These are my real nails btw.

FashionBillie Bit: Make your appointment a few days ahead of time. They do book up.

Check out all of the cool styles at Paint Box- Click Here

Union Square Cafe

Union Square Cafe New York

One of the many amazing things about New York is all of their yummy and diverse food. After a day of exploring I stumbled upon what I thought was a quaint cafe. To my surprise it was one of America’s most acclaimed and popular restaurants, Union Square Cafe!

Their Whole Wheat Pappardelle and Cara Cara Orange Salad is to die for!! They also make a mean Old Fashioned. The perfect drink to warm you on these cold New York Days. Make sure to check out Union Square Cafe while in the City, they serve American cuisine using local ingredients.

Pappardelle New York

Union Square Cafe New York

Union Square Cafe New York

Union Square Cafe New York

Union Square Cafe- Click Here

A PEACE of Sedona

I call this Gypsy 05 Maxi my, “Dress only Sedona could love”.

Sedona Gypsy 05

Rocks in the background, rocks on my wrist.

Sedona Peace Jewlery

Oh, and peace, always peace!

Sedona Jewlery 3

The maroon maxi is no longer available on the Gypsy 05 site but the sand color is another really cool option.  I found mine on Ideeli.  It was a total STYLE STEAL at only half the cost!!

Janie Maxi Dress, Gypsy 05- Click Here / Join Ideeli- Click Here /Peace Bracelet,