AWARENESS: Breast Cancer

The month of October, PINK is all around!  Last week the Woodlands ran PINK, for the Memorial Herman “In the Pink of Health” charity event. 

Of course the morning of I couldn’t find a thing to wear so…Target to the rescue:)

I found this navy and pink shamrock blouseand added these great leopard heels for a bit of pizzaz.  Sometimes it’s that simple WOW accessory that really pulls a outfit together.


Oh yea, did i mention Bill and Giuliana Rancic were there?  Bill was an amazing motivational speaker and she is so darned cute!! 


Bill quoted this saying about “The Riches of the World”.  It was pretty inspirational. 

The short version, “The wealthiest places on earth are not the Middle East for its oil, African diamond mines or Fort Knox.  It is found in our cemetaries where our dreams and desires go unfulfilled.  Buried under the ground are books that will never be written, businesses that will never be started and songs that will never be sang.”  

In other words do something big

You can start today by protecting your future.  Breast Cancer is a very real disease that we are fortunate enough to have a lot of knowledge about. 

With early detection there is a 99% survival rate. 

That means out of 100 women 99 can write their book, start their business, save their dreams.  All they have to do is FEEL THEIR BOOBIES!  Do it in the shower or grab your guy and make it fun.  I found some great tips- Click Here

In Loving Memory of my MiMi- Billie Louise and Aunt B

Target Xhilaration Blouse- Click Here/ Target Mossimo Leopard Heels- Click Here